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What is SAP C4C?

SAP Cloud for Customers is software as a service based CRM which runs on SAP’s HANA cloud platform. The platform is composed of SAP Cloud for Sales and SAP Cloud for Service, which are marketed as separate entities by SAP. It is available on a per user approval basis. It includes fixed analytics that can help predict sales success based on old data, facing products and other factors.

SAP C4C Solution can be easily integrated with SAP ERP and CRM on premise solution. SAP C4C with a mobile-first strategy to face the requirements of today's sales and service specialists who need information about customers anytime and in any place. The focus is on ease of use and getting more production out of the tool rather than spending time entering information. The user experience was built specifically for SAP C4C and is based on Fiori design systems.

SAP C4C Overview

For SAP Cloud for Sales, the emphasis is on allowing sales professionals to spend more time selling and less time interacting with a sales force automation application. In one example, a salesperson in a retail environment can use a cell phone to capture images of stock on a retail shelf, and recognition software can compare this with a template of how the shelf should look. SAP claims the process is less error prone and saves time in restocking inventory.
SAP Cloud for Customer is a cloud solution to manage customer sales, service and marketing activities efficiently and is one of the key SAP solutions to manage the customer relationship.
SAP C4C is based on the following individual products

·         Sales

·         Marketing

·         Social Engagement


SAP C4C is based on the following key objectives

·         Relationships

·         Collaboration

·         Insight

·         Business Processes


Why SAP Cloud for Customer?

Because SAP C4C businesses need to produce a seamless customer experience across all communication channels in person, phone, online, social media, and via mobile devices. Bring sales, service, and social engagement in an integrated software as a service CRM system
·         Gain a view of customers to understand their needs at any given moment
·     Use real-time customer analytics and forbidding insight to improve communications across all channel
·         Run your business anywhere, anytime on any device with a mobile-first approach
·         Get up and running speedily and cost-effectively with subscription based cloud CRM solutions

SAP C4C Cloud Solution

SAP C4C has the multi-tenant architecture where solution and components are shared between multiple customers. SAP C4C solution can be easily integrated with SAP ERP and CRM on premise solution. The solution options and different deployment models give rise to interesting architecture questions for SAP Customers.

SAP Cloud Solutions

1.    On Premise

SAP CRM already provides a Browser based, the mobile access is something that the customer will need to choose from a limited choice of apps and take the burden of device choice as well as deployment. Customers have heavily customized their SAP CRM to suit the processes and service functionalities and do not have an End user case for going to the cloud would prefer to keep their solution On Premise only.

2.    Cloud

SAP C4C alone would satisfy if the customer is looking for a light weight solution with standard CRM processes. The combination needs to be considered for which system would be the leading system and which ERP integrations are most needed for the field force. SAP C4C could also be an excellent candidate for replacing on SAP CRM solutions in SAP ERP customers for larger integration and more centralized architecture.

3.    Private

If customers have high needs for customization within the cloud solutions and patches to be impacted then would prefer this solution. This solution is as good as having an On Premise solution albeit on SAP C4C and not SAP CRM.

4.    Hybrid

This solution will have both SAP CRM and SAP C4C co existing in the CRM. This is of the most interest to SAP CRM consultants.

Advantages of SAP C4C

Following are the benefits of using SAP C4C management

·        The benefits of using SAP C4C Training is its operation investment cost and maintenance.
·         Take licenses as per your demand and it can be increased on request.
·       SAP C4C solution is managed by the vendor and operational costs and maintenance are the vendor’s responsibility.
·       SAP C4C solution allows you to manage customer needs from anywhere and with security from cloud service providers.
·         Access all customer information regardless where they are stored or available.
·        SAP C4C is based on cloud and use secure and fast communication using the web, mobile and supporting mobile platforms iOS, Android and Windows devices, in both online and offline mode.


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